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A Tale of Two Homes

Updated: Mar 25

How does Joseph Spierer Architects turn a drab, unremarkable building into a fresh and charming home? Step inside and see for yourself if you can spot the differences.

Located in the creative heart of Beverly Grove, this modern residence changed dramatically with the help of JSA. The new design kept the original structure while enhancing the home's style and character, resulting in a complete transformation.

Moving the kitchen from one end of the home to the other took it from a dark galley to an open and bright space. The updated design integrates the kitchen into the main living area and the outdoors to allow for connectivity and fluidity. Complemented by new appliances and sleek, clean finishes, the revitalized kitchen epitomizes modern functionality.    

Prior to JSA's design, the original staircase led to a convoluted network of winding hallways. To resolve this, unnecessary walls were torn out, and the stairs were moved and replaced with an elegant open railing. Now, the new staircase is the home's sophisticated center nucleus and focal point. 

Outside, the façade experienced a complete metamorphosis. By adding a dramatic floor-to-ceiling window and removing obstructive planters and bay windows, we enhanced the appearance and function of the rear courtyard. With our exterior remodel, gone are the days of underutilized patios, and now the pleasantries of the outdoors have taken their place.

The transformation is plain to see. This modern Spanish residence reminds us that even the most challenging designs can become the homes of our dreams.



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