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Back-to-School Special: Creating the Perfect Study for Your Kids

As the days grow shorter and summer break comes to an end, families are adjusting to a new school routine. Creating a custom study space that works for children can help make the school year a smooth one.

Open Study Area

An open study area next to the kitchen and great room is a useful option for parents to help with homework while running a household. In this JSA design, our clients prioritize collaboration and interaction, so desks in the breakfast area are the ideal choice. The glass door brings light and outdoor views for a peaceful and studious atmosphere.

Closed Study Area

To encourage a distraction-free study environment, these JSA clients chose a closed study area with a built-in library. The room caters to a traditional learning space and includes a large sliding glass door that connects to the balcony for private outdoor breaks from work.

Play Room/ Study Combo

Blending play and study creates a dynamic space for kids to nurture both imagination and academics. This JSA design includes integrated furniture, climbing ladders, and a cozy reading nook, fostering an engaging atmosphere. Glass doors maintain an open connection to the rest of the house, enabling parental supervision at all times.

Selecting the right study space for your children is more than just a matter of providing a desk. Whether you want an open area connected to the kitchen, a quiet closed room, or a combination of play and study, the perfect learning sanctuary will undoubtedly set the stage for a successful school year ahead. At JSA, our thoughtful approach to these important decisions can help you produce your kid's ideal educational environment.


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