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Building Better Breakfasts for Mother's Day

Updated: Mar 15

California is phasing out gas appliances by 2030 and Joseph Spierer Architects is here to help our clients adjust to the new rules by integrating the best new systems into our client's new homes.

With a few exceptions, most of the new appliances will function the same way as with gas but will run on electricity. Instead of heating everything with fire, heat pump technology will heat your shower, home, and pool. There will be no difference in function for the homeowner.

Cooking with electricity instead of fire is one of our client's biggest concerns. Although gas cooking is familiar, a full induction system can be a more precise and refined way to cook. With fire, burning the second batch of pancakes is commonplace, whereas, with induction, every pancake is cooked at an exact temperature leading to perfect Mother's Day pancakes!

Our floorplans are changing too. Although fireplaces will eventually be gone, without them spaces will be more open, TV viewing angles will not be an issue, simplicity and light can be prioritized. Whether we are ready or not, the world is leading us towards more contemporary, eco-friendly architecture, and Joseph Spierer Architects will be here to guide our clients along the way. Best of all, Mom won't have to suffer burnt pancakes anymore.

Happy Mother's Day from Joseph Spierer Architects.


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