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Not Your Grandmother's Pantry

The pantry of yesterday was purely for food storage, but today's pantries are more sizable and have a great deal more function. While the holiday season is in full swing, we wanted to highlight a trend we have been seeing from many of our clients to help with entertaining - butler's pantries that function as second kitchens. Whether they are modest in size or could rival a gourmet kitchen on their own, the hidden counter and appliance space allow for a clutter-free main kitchen.


Here are 3 floorplans with butler's pantries that we have recently designed for our clients:

Small But Mighty

Our Hermosa Beach butler's pantry makes the most out of a home on a narrow lot. Preparatory dishes can be moved off to the side and shut behind a door to allow people to use the island, breakfast nook, and dining table for a wonderful gathering.

A Restaurateur's Family Home

Our Pacific Palisades client, a restaurateur, wanted a kitchen that could be used to prepare the best dishes but also had to function as the heart of her family gatherings. Our kitchen design was large and open, without excessive walls, which meant fewer upper cabinets. In that case, the butler's pantry came in handy by offering additional storage.

A Malibu Oasis

Here we designed the butler's pantry, well-equipped, to handle catered events. A refrigerator, sink and range are incorporated into the pantry, leaving the kitchen's double islands and circular breakfast nook free for serving spaces and guest seating.


Butler's pantries add a new ease to entertaining so that kitchens become the focal point of gatherings. They allow for preparation to be done separately and messes to be hidden, enabling hosts to relax and celebrate precious moments with loved ones.


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