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Old Bricks, New Tricks

For decades, the old brick building at 408 Pier View Way was vacant and abandoned, a reminder of a bygone era. Tom Aldrich, a local developer, recognized its potential and chose Joseph Spierer Architects to breathe new life into it. Today, The Brick Hotel proudly stands in the heart of Oceanside, inviting tourists from around the world through its doors.

Built in 1888, the original building took on many forms, from a hardware store for marine workers to a turn-of-the-century boarding house. Over time, the building's original aesthetic was concealed. The façade was encased in stucco and the ceilings were lowered to make room for a third level, masking the building's unique history and beauty.

The new boutique hotel epitomizes adaptive reuse design, repurposing the dilapidated building to create a distinctive, nostalgic, and contemporary space. The exterior was restored to its former glory, with the original brickwork carefully preserved. The team at Joseph Spierer Architects reinforced the building with an internal steel structure, anchor ties, and a new foundation to bring the building up to today's safety standards.

As the project progressed, the building next door was also acquired and restored to make way for windows and balconies facing west, providing stunning ocean views and natural light. The attached building was transformed into Frankie's, which to this day is a popular cocktail bar loved by locals.

With many other projects in the area, the city of Oceanside is experiencing a renaissance. The Brick Hotel's state of the art revitalization is a tribute to its rich and exceptional history.


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