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Preserved as an important piece of Oceanside's history, this brick structure is one of the oldest on Pier View Way. Built in 1888, the original building has taken many forms, from a hardware store for marine workers to a turn of the century boarding house. As Oceanside has grown from an industrial seaside port to a thriving modern city, The Brick Hotel has received a metamorphosis as well. The new boutique hotel epitomizes adaptive reuse design, transforming the aged structure into a lively hotspot perfect for today's active traveler. 

The Brick Hotel

Oceanside, California

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To bring the hotel to life, our team of architects and designers reinforced the old building with an internal steel structure, anchor ties, and a new foundation to comply with modern earthquake safety standards.

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Simultaneously rich in nostalgia and on trend, the building is being revitalized into a new restaurant on the first floor, guest rooms on the second and third floors, and a rooftop bar that will soon be open to the public. 

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